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Hi there, I’m Karen Schanely.

Most days you can find me baking muffins with my 6 year old sous chef, flying spaceships around the house with my 8 year old son, or binge-watching tv shows in my pjs with my hubby once the house is quiet again. Some of my favorite things are traveling and exploring new places, especially if it involves local cuisine; pretty tulips; all things chocolate; and playing piano duets with my son.

As a little girl, I remember staring for hours at our family photo albums, the ones with sticky pages and now faded yellow color. My mom would write little details, such as names and places, on little slips of paper and stick them next to the pictures. I would imagine what it was like to be there in that moment or relive the memories. These memories—the special moments and also the every day memories—transcend generations.

A few years ago, I was reminded of how important these pictures can be when my computer crashed. I lost almost 2 years worth of digital photos and videos, including several special vacations, our son’s first birthday, and our daughter’s birth. Thankfully, after quite a bit of time and investment, the files were restored to our computer. I didn’t take them for granted anymore and made sure I printed them too.

Kids grow up so quickly and life can change in an instant, and my goal in photography is to capture those little moments and phases in life. Whether it’s the little fingers and toes or the sweet curls that will soon be trimmed, they need to be remembered. I would be honored to capture these moments for you, so that the special connections and details will remain long after memories fade. Please check out my portfolio to see some of my work and contact me if you have questions!

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