Faith and family always come first to me! They are my "why", and what keep me going!

Nothing beats Netflix binges on the couch with my hubby, playing board games with my kids, or serving others wholeheartedly. 

my heart


"I believe each moment is worthy of being celebrated and cherished"

Most days you can find me baking muffins with my 7 year old sous chef, flying spaceships around the house with my 9 year old son, or binge-watching tv shows in my pjs with my hubby and golden doodle once the house is quiet again.

As a little girl, I remember staring for hours at our family photo albums, the ones with sticky pages, now faded yellow. My mom would write little details, such as names and places, on little slips of paper and put them next to the pictures. I would imagine what it was like to be there in that moment or relive the memories. These memories—the special moments and also the every day memories—transcend generations.

Life can pass so quickly, and my goal in photography is to capture those little moments, the big moments, and all the emotions in between. Whether it’s the moment your fiancé sees you in your wedding dress for the first time or the tiny fingers and toes of your newborn, they need to be remembered. I would be honored to capture these moments for you, so that those feelings of joy and belonging remain long after memories fade.

Meet Karen

Anna Maria Island. Pastel skies, soft white sand, and cute local shops.


Chocolate. I don't think any meal is complete until there's some form of chocolate!


Can Taco Tuesday be every day, please?! Especially with chips and guac and an ice cold Dr. Pepper! 


Airdra. We started as her foster family and are so thankful we were able to adopt her!


A Few of My Favorite Things