Karen Schanely Photography

Lee and Garrett | Dayton Fall Engagement

Nov 14, 2019

November in Ohio can be unpredictable with both beautiful golden fall days and also sudden snow storms. So, I was excited when I saw that the fall leaves were holding on for Lee and Garrett’s Engagement Session! We started at Hills and Dales Park where the leaves and light created a magical fall wonderland, and then we headed to Cox Arboretum as the sun set over the ponds and bridges. Our personalities quickly connected and had the best time together exploring the parks!

Lee and Garrett met through a mutual friend in college, started dating, and now they are planning an April wedding! I love that their dates together usually end with ice cream too! Garrett has a way of keeping things light and fun and knows just how to make Lee smile. He told me, “What I love most about Lee is her smile. Her smile is contagious and can light up a room. She is also so considerate. She will go out of her way and try to do whatever she can to make someone feel better.” She really does have a contagious smile – it’s hard to not have a good time with them! I am so excited for their spring wedding! Thank you Lee and Garrett for taking the time to create some incredible memories with me and document this special time in your lives!