Karen Schanely Photography

Schiano Family | Desert Garden Family Session in Arizona

Nov 19, 2019

This photo session in the Arizona desert with Schiano family has quickly became one of my all time favorite Family Sessions! I was in Phoenix for the amazing United wedding photography conference, and I’m so glad it worked out for my friend, Gen Palmer , and I to meet up with the Schianos at the Desert Botanical Garden to photograph their family! I had never shot in the desert before, and I am already in love! The muted greens, purple cacti, red rocky mountains, and golden sunlight that made everything have a dreamy glow – MAGIC! We even managed to avoid all deadly snakes and scorpions. However, both Gen and I accidentally had run ins with cacti! We learned that there is a kind of cactus that literally senses movement nearby and jumps toward it! So, later when we got back to our hotel room, we had to use a pair of tweezers to pick all the cactus needles out of our legs and hands. That was quite a sight – probably good that we didn’t get any pictures of that! 😉

Despite the cactus needles, we had SO much fun exploring the desert with the Schianos. They had recently moved to the area, and it was fun capturing their giggles and snuggles in their new home. Their two kids were absolutely adorable and so interesting to talk to! We were all admiring the landscape and artwork in the desert garden, like the Dale Chihuly glass work. If you are ever in the Phoenix area, you definitely need to make time for a visit. Speaking of visiting, I’m already missing it, so if you’d like your own desert photo session, let me know!! Until then, enjoy this session with the Schiano Family!