Karen Schanely Photography

Zach & Anna | Dayton Wedding

Aug 22, 2019

Zach and Anna are one of the sweetest couples I’ve worked with! They both live, work and volunteer in the Dayton area and quickly bonded over their heart for helping others. As soon as you meet them, their love for each other, their families, God, and their community is so apparent, and this was even true on their wedding day! In their wedding ceremony, they washed each other’s feet as a symbol of their promise to love and care for each other. And at the wedding reception, Anna put on an apron, and they both served dinner to each of their guests. What an incredible way to love on and see each person who came to celebrate with them!

Anna and Zach are also very musical, which as a musician myself, I absolutely loved! One of my favorite moments from their wedding day was during the ceremony when Anna, Zach, and several of her siblings all played instruments and sang together! And for their First Dance at the reception, Anna and Zach danced to a song that they wrote and recorded together! It was so sweet to watch them sing softly to each other and also look over and see their parents smiling so proudly at them!

So many beautiful and inspiring memories from this Dayton Wedding and also funny ones – don’t miss one of the best photo bombs I’ve seen from Zach’s dad! Congratulations Zach and Anna! I can’t wait to see what you guys do together in life!