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7 Tips for Photographing Your Summer


School is now out for us, and we are already planning how we will spend our summer days. We usually make a Summer Bucket List of the activities we plan to make a priority. Whether we are running through the sprinkler, eating ice cream, or taking a family vacation, you can be sure I’ll be documenting it with pictures. Here are 7 tips to help you capture your own summer through photography.

1. Make a list of favorite activities.

Think about what your favorite summer activities are or what your family is excited about doing. Maybe it’s riding bikes. Perhaps it’s swimming. Or picking berries. Make a list of these things. You can even include your family in the process and hang up your Summer Fun list so that you can keep track of all the fun you are having. To see what we put on our Summer Bucket List this year, check out this post.

2. Step back and incorporate the environment.

Once you get a picture, take a few steps back or zoom out so that you can capture the environment and tell more of the story. You can show how small kids are or capture the beauty of a landscape. Experiment with different perspectives and angles.

3. Get close for the details.

After getting a wide shot, get close and fill up the camera frame to capture the details. Think about what makes your kids unique and capture their tiny toes or wispy curls.

4. Consider the senses.

Summer is the perfect time to consider the senses when taking pictures to help you remember the fun times. It’s amazing how certain sounds or smells can immediately bring back memories. The Smell of a campfire. The Touch of sand in the toes. The Sound of ocean waves. The Taste of cold ice cream.

5. Get in the picture too.

You are there too, so don’t forget to get in the picture! Hand the camera to someone else, set up a tripod, or take it selfie-style. You (and your family!) will be so glad you did!

6. Put down the camera.

Once you’ve gotten your shots, be sure to put the camera away and enjoy the activities. The summer days don’t last forever, and you don’t want to miss them because you were looking through the camera viewfinder the whole time.

7. Print your pictures.

At the end of the summer, print the fun memories you’ve made. There are so many ways you can display images – prints, photo books, canvases, magnets, wall clings, puzzles, and tote bags. Choose some favorites and print them!






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