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Alexis and Reed | Dreamy Downtown Charleston Engagement


romantic engagement photos from Dreamy Downtown Charleston Engagement session

I had the privilege of capturing Alexis and Reed’s dreamy downtown Charleston engagement session, which was an absolute delight. We had the best time as we explored the summer beauty of Hampton Park and the historic downtown area of Charleston. Surrounded by the vibrant hues of blooming “Peggy Martin” pink roses and the timeless charm of the city their love story came to life. 

Their Proposal

Alexis and Reed’s journey together began with a heartwarming and romantic proposal. During a visit to Beaufort, SC, for a wedding of a distant friend, Reed chose a picturesque beach near a lighthouse as the backdrop for his proposal. There, by the crashing waves and the warm ocean breeze, Reed asked Alexis to be his bride. Keeping their newfound joy a secret at the wedding, they celebrated their engagement with their families on the beach afterwards. The venue of the wedding they attended, Agapae Oaks Weddings, held a special significance for them, inspiring them to choose it as the location for their own upcoming wedding!

Alexis and Reed’s love for one another is evident in every moment they share. Alexis admires Reed for his kindness and selflessness, describing him as having the biggest heart. Additionally, his sense of humor never fails to bring a smile to her face. Reed, on the other hand, cherishes Alexis for her compassionate nature and kind heart. It was a beautiful realization when they discovered that they had independently expressed the same sentiment about each other, reaffirming how perfect they are for each other!

Dreamy Downtown Charleston Engagement

For their engagement session, we ventured into the stunning Hampton Park, which is home to the renowned “Peggy Martin” roses. These stunning pink roses were in full bloom, creating an epic and beautiful backdrop to their portraits, with the lush greenery and the delicate pink petals.  This beautiful flower is known as a classic, old Southern rose, named for an avid Louisiana gardener whose home and property were under 20 feet of salt water for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina. The resilient “Peggy Martin” roses were one of the only plants to survive. 

The second part of their engagement session took us to the historic downtown area of Charleston. We wandered through the charming streets and explored the rich architectural heritage the city had to offer.  From Spanish moss covered oaks, to cobblestone pathways and colorful facades, their downtown Charleston engagement session was a dream.

I am thrilled for Alexis and Reed’s upcoming wedding at Agapae Oaks Weddings in St. Helena Island, SC. The venue holds cherished memories of their proposal and will soon hold many more wonderful wedding day memories as this new chapter of their lives together begins!

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