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Friday Faves: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately {Beach Edition}


With the kids now both in school, I’m getting more time to go through our summer pictures and adventures. One of the highlights of our summer was spending a week in Florida on Anna Maria Island. This tiny little island stole a piece of my heart. The shops and restaurants are super cute, and we loved watching the dolphins swim by while we ate breakfast each morning. The beach is my happy place – the turquoise water, pastel sunsets, soft sand between the toes, and big beautiful skies. We live hours and hours from a warm beach, so I definitely soak up every minute I have when I’m there. I was intentional with what we packed since we were flying, and I was so glad I had these 5 Things with me!

1. GoPro with Dome

What I love about the GoPro is that it is lightweight and waterproof. It allowed me to get pictures having fun in the ocean waves and sand, when I didn’t want to bring my heavy, nice camera. Because the wide angle allowed me to “shoot from the hip,” I was able to be more involved in what my kids are doing because my face wasn’t hidden behind my big camera. The Dome is SO much fun to use with the camera with as it can take pictures that are half above water and half below water, which creates great storytelling and depth.

2. Wet Brush

If you have girls with long hair, you know how much drama can ensue when you try to brush their hair, and all the sand, salt, and wind at the beach only makes it 100 times worse. #TheStruggleIsReal – am I right?! However, this Wet Brush is magic! What would have taken hours, only took a minute or two. I even used it with my own hair. And bonus that the brush doesn’t cost an arm and a leg too!

3. Camera Cleaning Kit

Just like the water, sand, salt, and wind can cause hair problems, it can do some major damage to a camera and lens. Even just one grain of salt can scratch the lens glass, and the tropical storm winds we experienced at the beach seemed to blow every part of the beach at me. I tried not to change lenses on the beach, as that opens your camera body up to water mist and sand, and I also tried to clean any sand and salt water off my hands before touching my camera. However, you’re at the beach, and it happens. Which is why I like using this Cleaning Kit afterward, particularly the air blower. It helps blow any grains of sand, dirt, or dust away, and then I can wipe any salty mist off the body of the camera.

4. Coconut Drinks

Everyone loves a cold, tropical drink or treat at the beach, and these Coconut Bai drinks have become one of my favorites. I love putting it in the freezer for an hour or two beforehand, so it’s ice cold, even a little slushy. And it’s kid-friendly – because you know they always want a sip or two.

5. Tamron 15-30mm Lens

This Tamron 15-30 Lens was my favorite thing to bring to the beach this summer. The wide angle captured the big colorful skies and dramatic clouds so beautifully! And I loved that I could zoom in and out a little bit too (no sandy lens changes!). I can’t imagine going to the beach without it now!


I’d love to hear what you Love to have at the Beach! To see what I was Loving last time, including a really cool Lights Festival, read here, and to see more of our Schanely family fun head over to Instagram and follow along:
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