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Friday Faves: 5 Things I’m Loving Lately {October Edition}


This past month has been a busy one –  fall photo sessions, getting into the school and homework routine, soccer games, piano practicing, and a 7th birthday! I think this time of year is the perfect blend of the some of the best parts of summer and fall. We are soaking up the last days of riding bikes in warm weather and also enjoying all the fun things that fall brings (hello pumpkin spice!). So, here are 5 Things I’ve Been Loving Lately:

1. Apple Cider

It’s amazing how your senses can trigger memories or feelings, and for us, fresh apple cider, especially when paired with pumpkin bread or snicker doodle cookies, signals the beginning of fall. We love visiting our local apple orchard and bringing a gallon home. Ethan and Abby usually go right for the basket of tiny kid-sized apples they graciously give to children, and our favorite is when they have apple cider slushies on the weekends.

2. Mums

I absolutely love driving around town and seeing all the mums on front porches and in yards. So many pretty varieties and a fun splash of color before the grey winter settles in for months.

3. New Camera Lens

I recently added the Sigma Art 85 to my camera bag after months of saving and researching. It is the perfect complement to my Sigma Art 35, and it produces such beautiful creamy portraits. Worth the wait and amazing at capturing Ethan’s 7-year-old portrait!

4. Water Color Papers

I have a love-hate relationship with play doh, paint, glue, glitter and other crafts. They are so much fun, but the potential for mess keeps me on my toes. That is why I love these water color papers. All you need is a paintbrush and water, and the colors mix on the paper as she paints. It’s almost no mess (I mean, a 4 year old is involved…) , so we are both happy! If you are a Mom, Dad, or Grandparent of littles, add this to your Christmas list – you can thank me later. 😉

5. Marvel Birthday Cake

Ethan turned 7 this past month (how is that even possible?) and he asked for a SpiderMan/Iron Man cake. I am no baker or cake decorator, and it wasn’t my best cake. But action figures and M&M’s to the rescue, and in the end, he loved it, which was what mattered!

I’d love to hear what you’ve been Loving Lately! And to see more of our Schanely family fun head over to Instagram and follow along:
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