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Emily and Alan | Intimate Backyard Cherry Blossom Wedding


When I first talked to Emily and Alan about their wedding, we had NO idea that a worldwide pandemic would force them to change their plans. However, it could not get in the way of committing themselves to each other in marriage and celebrating with family.

Things in Ohio started to get a little crazy mid-March when the coronavirus began to make its way into the state, and then schools and businesses started to close. We held onto the hope that things would be better in May, when their wedding was originally planned. However, when the governor put out a Stay at Home mandate through the end of April, Alan and Emily decided to move UP their wedding! They figured that if they were going to be quarantined at home for weeks, they might as well be together! Isn’t that so romantic – like the start of a movie! With just a few days notice, they quickly contacted their immediate family and pastor and arranged to have a social-distance-friendly ceremony in a friend’s backyard.

There were a little reminders through out the day of the current situation. Such as Emily’s father watching the whole ceremony from China on Emily’s phone via FaceTime. Wearing masks during some family portraits. The inclusion of “…in sickness and health, in quarantine…” in their vows. And that Alan had to get a temporary wedding band at Walmart because his ring wasn’t ready yet. I’m sure these unique stories will be told for many years. Along with them though, is how Emily and Alan washed each other’s feet in the ceremony to demonstrate their love and commitment to serve one another. And how Emily’s brothers sang and led in a few worship songs. It was such a powerful moment as they were surrounded by their loved ones (although not all) and everyone raised their hands to pray for Emily and Alan.

Because Emily and Alan are waiting to do their reception in the fall when everyone can gather together, we had some extra time after the ceremony to get some pictures! The timing and weather couldn’t have been any better because it was a gorgeous spring day and the cherry blossoms at Ault Park in Cincinnati were at their peak! With all the other wedding day adjustments, I was so excited to be able to get Emily and Alan some epic portraits! We drove 3 hours to Cincinnati to see the cherry blossoms, and it was completely worth it! One of my favorite moments of the day, though, was on my drove home. It was about 8pm, and I was so hungry. So, I stopped at a Chickfila to grab something to eat. As I was walking in, I saw Emily and Alan pulling out of the drive through with their dinner too!

Emily and Alan, it was such a privilege to document your wedding day, and I can’t wait to celebrate again this fall! And give you a real congratulatory hug!!



Emily did a First Look with her two brothers, and it was so much fun to see their reaction and love for her!

Emily’s dad watched from China!

Saying goodbye to Emily’s dad on FaceTime.






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  1. Brenda Grunenwald says:

    Wow! I love this!!🥰

  2. Dora Blevins says:

    Beautiful couple! Beautiful pics ❤️

  3. Barb Meyer says:

    These are absolutely beautiful pictures. We are so happy that we could participate in your wedding. Thank You for including us.
    Love You Both,
    Grandma Barb & Grandpa Bob

  4. Doris Eckes says:

    You captured their young sweet love perfectly. Ault Park was a beautiful setting for their very special day 💕

  5. Lesa Husmann says:

    You captured this beautiful God-honoring ceremony so well! I love the testimony they both share of God’s faithfulness in difficult circumstances

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