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Summer Bucket List Update!


School starts tomorrow for us, which means our summer break is quickly coming to an end. At the beginning of the summer, I shared our family’s Summer Bucket List and some tips on how to photograph your own summer. It ended up being a great summer, and we managed to check everything off our Bucket List. So here is a peek at our summer! I’d love to hear how yours went!

1. Trip to local ice cream shop

We managed to accomplish this one more than once, and I don’t think anyone was upset about that. 🙂

2. Water play

With a week at Lake Michigan, a few trips to some pools and splash pads, and several afternoons with the sprinkler, we had plenty of fun playing in the water.

3. Picnic at the park

Even if it’s the same food we’d eat at home, there’s something fun about packing it up and eating it in a different spot.

4. Visit to the zoo

We ended up getting a family zoo pass, which was so worth it as we have made half a dozen visits. Some highlights include seeing the baby polar bears, experiencing the giraffes up close, riding some camels, watching a cheetah run, and feeding some sting rays.

5. Berry picking

Visiting the local farms is one of my favorite summer activities, and I love how it helps my kids learn where food comes from. We were able to pick strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries.

6. Camping in the backyard

After roasting marshmallows, catching fireflies, and staying way past their bedtime, it was a mostly successful camp out in the backyard. Half of us ended up sleeping inside due to very scary bugs. 😉

7. Watching fireworks.

We were so excited to catch some of Chicago’s summer fireworks along the lake while we were there, and munching on Chicago style popcorn during the show completed the experience!

8. Visit to amusement park.

We didn’t make it to a huge amusement park, but we did manage some small rides at a variety places. Abby, especially, has shown a love for roller coasters.

9. Going on a hike.

One of our favorite hikes this summer was along some sand dunes on Lake Michigan with amazing views of the water. Phil and I also had fun doing some hiking in Hocking Hills.

10. Reading

Even though my kids don’t take naps anymore, I still find that it’s so good to have an afternoon quiet time. For at least my sake! 🙂 And I have loved watching Ethan’s ability to read and his love for books grow even more this summer.

I’d love to hear how YOUR summer went and how you captured it in pictures!

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